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Trading indicators

In my opinion most indicators are useless to identify entry signals. The problem with indicators is that the information they produce is derived from Candlesticks and indicators very often use a sequences of candles in the calculation. The consequence is most indicators give lagging information and therefore are not very useful.

TopBottom indicators

We give you hereafter a useful set of indicators which produce no lagging information. We suggest various types of indicators : 

  • Sentiment indicator (BinaryG) : it informs you that conditions in the market are changing and that the market is ready to reverse. It can give you the information of reversal even before the movement begins...
  • Oversold / Overbought indicator (BinaryMagic) : this indicator identifies situations where the market is going too far and suggests that the market should produce a correction in the other direction,

These indicators do not repaint. Once bar is closed, the signal is confirmed and arrow will never disappear.


Sentiment indicator (BinaryG)

Sentiment indicator
Entry signal for reversal bar based on sentiment indicator for EURUSD M5 chart

Overbought / Oversold indicator (BinaryMagic)

overbought oversold indicator
USDCAD M5 chart with overbought / oversold indicator


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