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Welcome to Binary Options Mentor !! If you are a trader and if you are looking for a way to earn money trading binary options then you are on the right path... we can provide you different products and services :

  • signals copier to share your signals with users and become a signal provider
  • signals services with autotrader to copy signals of good traders
  • indicators to become yourself a successful trader

BinaryConnect to copy and share signals

If you already are a good trader and you want to share your signals with your friends, family.. or even setup a signals providers service then BinaryConnect is the right solution.

We already offer possibility to connect to more than 300 binary options brokers... MT4 brokers... and web brokers... It means almost any broker can be used with BinaryConnect.

BinaryConnect is also a software to automate Indicators and EAs. If you have a good source of automated signals, it is possible through BinaryConnect API to send signals for yourself to your broker account... or to setup a signals service using your source of signals.

Almost any source of signals can be connected to BinaryConnect.

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BinaryConnect to copy binary options signals

Binary options signals

Trading binary options can be very profitable but trading binary options is not something easy.
For people starting with binary options it is far more easier to earn money copying signals of successful traders.

As a provider of software for signals providers we also have direct access to successful traders and can share this information with you.

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Binary options trading indicators

If your purpose is to earn money with binary options and be an independent trader, then you will have to setup a solid strategy and find good indicators.

We provide some professional indicators to trade binary options. Some traders already make good money using our indicators for binary options.

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